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reNgine installation for Hackers

This section aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on installing reNgine.


It is recommended that you follow each steps to avoid encountering any errors/issues during the setup.

This guide is divided into several sections based on the frequently asked questions:

⚡ Quick Installation

If you are on Ubuntu/VPS/Linux, install script is provided for quick installation.

Follow ⚡ Quick Installation instructions.

Running reNgine on local machine

Running reNgine on local machine is a very straight forward process. You'll neeed docker, docker-compose and make to build and run reNgine on local machine.

Quick Installation for Linux Debian like Ubuntu

If you are using Ubuntu or Kali as your base OS and wish to run reNgine on it, you may skip the prerequisites section, installation script is provided with this project that takes care of installing docker and its dependencies. Quick Installation

Quick Install reNgine on Ubuntu or Kali

Installing reNgine on Windows or Mac

Running reNgine on VPS

While the installation step should be very similar across all VPS providers, an example of running reNgine on DigitalOcean is provided.

How to Install reNgine on DigitalOcean or any VPS

Running reNgine with your own managed database

This is related to a Github Issue

It is a good idea to run reNgine using managed database, or remote database.

Find how to use reNgine with managed/remote database

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