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Updating reNgine


You can always update reNgine to the latest release unless otherwise stated in the changelog.

Please ensure backwards compatibility before updating reNgine.

What happens is reNgine is not backwards compatible?

Like major release 1.0, reNgine is not backwards compatible. This is due to many changes added in reNgine and to skip worrying about django migrations and other configuration issues, sometimes (some major releases) may not be backwards compatible.

In this case, please do not update/upgrade reNgine. Please do a fresh installation.

⚡ Quick Update

Updating is as simple as running the following command:

make down && git pull && make build && make up

📖 Detailed Update Instructions

  1. Bring all reNgine services down
    make down
  2. Get the latest changes
    git pull
  3. Rebuild the latest changes
    make build
  4. Start reNgine services
    make up